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Transportation plays an important role in our system as the transportation department is responsible for providing all equipment needed to serve our drilling process and cover all company's sites.

  • Transportation department is responsible for :
    • Transporting materials and tools needed to the company's sites.
    • Transport water and fuel needed to the drilling rigs.
    • Moving rigs from one place to another .
    • Transport all personnel to sites.
we have the following Transportation Equipment used for the transportation of Materials & tools
Heavy trucks

We operate more than 16 heavy trucks.

pick-up cars

We operate more than 44 pick-up cars.

highbed trailers

We own 60 chassis highbed trailers .

Trailed caravans

We own 60 chassis trailed caravans.

lowbed trailers

The company has 15 lowbed trailers .

water & diesel Tanks

The company has 24 water tanks .

lowbed trailers

We operate more than 12 wheel loaders.


We operate has 3 cranes used for loading , offloading , pulling out and running the water pump.

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